Introductory Programming Using Plain Old C


Use the foundation of most programming languages to learn structured programming.

What you’ll learn

Introductory Programming Using Plain Old C

  • Learn all the basics of programming.
  • Learn how to write C code.
  • You learn how and when to use loops, arrays, enumerated data types, and many other types of data.
  • Learn how a programmer makes a program.


  • It doesn’t matter if you have any programming experience. All you need is a modern computer and the desire to learn.


This course will teach you how to start programming with the C programming language. C is the language that led to C#, C++, Java, and many other high-level languages. It’s best not to start object-oriented programming until you’ve had a chance to learn about and get used to structured programming. Start with the “Hello World” program and work your way up to variables, loops and if then statements. Then you’ll learn about arrays and nested if statements. You’ll also learn about function parameters and arguments. As a teacher, I’ve been teaching programming for 20 years.

This class will go beyond what you usually learn in an introductory class because I’ve been teaching programming in a variety of languages for that long and I know how to teach it. It will go up to but not include object-oriented programming, which there would be enough for a whole other class to learn about on its own. Learn how to write programs from someone who has worked as a programmer for 35 years and taught programming and math for 20 years. To learn, you need a computer that isn’t from the Stone Age and a lot of time.

Introductory Programming Using Plain Old C

Some people think that if you want to be a programmer, you have to be very smart. This is not true. There’s no way this is true. As a programmer, the virtue I think is the most important is patience, because it takes time to learn how to do things. A mistake that you think looks right but the computer says isn’t will happen at some point. What do you think? Because the computer is right, and you are wrong, this is how it works: There hasn’t been anything that I haven’t been able to figure out that wasn’t my fault. People who are good at computer programming still get stuck from time to time. They just don’t get stuck as often and know when to ask for help.

The second thing you need to be if you want to be a programmer is curious about what other people do. There is always more to learn in the world of IT. However, you can learn a lot with a 10-year-old computer and free software. The computer I used for this class has a cracked screen, no Escape key, and duct tape on it. This is very true. Because if you don’t like to try new things and learn, then programming might not be for you (although really I think of programming as problem-solving using a computer language, and problem-solving is relevant to everyone). So try it out. Find out if you like it. In fact, you will never be bored in your life.

Who this course is for:

  • In this class, you will learn how to write code.


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